Kim Bum Soo & Kim Da Mi, perfect harmonizing ‘I Miss You’ 《Fantastic Duo》판타스틱 듀오 EP02

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Fantastic Duo 판타스틱 듀오 EP02 20160424 SBS

The last episode winner team Kim Bum Soo & Kim Da Mi singing ‘I Miss You’ and their perfect harmony give goosebumps to audience.

지난 회 우승자인 김범수와 어묵소녀는 보고싶다를 부르며 엄청난 무대를 보여주었다.

“Shall we sing a song together?”
What if you can received a love call from the top singers in Korea?

Anyone who has a smart phone can sing duet songs with Korea’s top singers in “Fantastic Duo”! Incredible collaboration and Amazing duet performances of singers and their fans starts here.

SBS Mucis Show ‘Singers in My Hands – Fantastic Duo’ to be aired for the first time on April 17 2016 and it aris on every Sunday at 4:50pm.

☞ Visit ‘Fantastic Duo’ official website and get more information:

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  1. Dudes! I've been looking for this song!! :O
    I just happen to watch some Fantastic Duo and stumbled upon this video with many views and they are singing the song that I've been searching for!
    I didn't know the Korean title or artist, I only remember the melody.

  2. amoori kidaryuhdo nan motka
    babochuhrum oolko inneun (nuh)nuh-yi kyuhte
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    irun nega miwuhjil mankeum
    oolgoshipda, nege mooreup koolko
    modoo uhptun iri dwel soo itdamyun

    michil deus saranghetun ki-uhgi
    choo-uhkdeuri nuhreul chatko itjiman
    duh isang sarang-iran byunmyung eh
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    iruhmyun andwejiman.
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