Pokemon Gold/Silver Walkthrough – Part 48 – Mount Silver/ Vs. Red

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Having defeated the eight gyms of Kanto, Zeph is granted access to Mount Silver, a forbidding mountain range home to some terrifyingly strong Pokemon.

After venturing deep within its dark recessed, he stumbled upon a familiar face.


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  1. I beat this back in 2002 with my team:

    Typhlosion lvl.57
    Ho-oh – lvl.57
    Graveller – lvl.54
    Magneton – lvl.57
    Haunter – lvl.55
    Lugia – lvl.70

    Well atleast used 3 revives and 5 hyper potions.I'd say blastoise is capable of wrecking this lineup though.

  2. im leveling up my team…. all are over lvl 60 right now… i dont like using legendaries…. but you cant seperate me from my starters…

  3. Gold: Hey! Don't you … me!
    Red: ….
    Gold: I all did was for this whole journey for all your lousy time!
    Red: …!
    Red eye contacting Gold: ( Lets battle asshole )

  4. Ok don't go over me haha, when I was 5-6 years old and I played Pokemon Gold, I kinda thought Red was Ash that got betrayed… DON'T JUDGE MEH

  5. im just glad it didn't decide the team with your other games
    on the other hand, i would have still been anilated if i haven't cought the lengenary pokemon in the game

  6. my team on gold: mewtwo mew typhlotion kingler aerodactal and dragonite. Yeah I used cheats to get mewtwo and new but started them both out at level 3 using training. No other cheats were used. Oh and aerodactal I traded a chancey for at level 22.

  7. I lost my crystal version atleast a decade ago, but I'll be damned if I ever forget my team.

    I had

    Charizard (transferred from red)

    Sadly I was an idiot as a child and killed Mewtwo. I also killed Red Gyarados, this was just a regular gyarados…

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