Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV Gameplay: Let’s Catch A Big One!

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It’s not all fun and games in this PlayStation VR experience–we’ll have to battle a real beast of a fish too!

NOTE: Audio capture from the PSVR varies in quality throughout the video. GameSpot apologizes for the inconvenience.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV PSVR? Let us know in the comments!

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48s comentarios

  1. It seems this game uses a multi-res shading technique, significantly lowering the resolution around the edges, which can work great to improve performance but it seems they had to overdo it a bit here.

  2. So how much are they charging for this game? Because if it's over $15 or $20 then Square can go fuck themselves.

    On an unrelated subject, I traded in FFXV and one other game and I got $40 in-store credit. Used it to purchase Persona 5. I only had to spend $27 out of my pocket. Best shit I've ever done in my life.

  3. this has to be the dumbest fucking thing square has made wtf out of all the vr games to make you make a fishing game what happened to the other vr game they showed off at e3 2016 i think in that game you played prompto in the behemoth mission

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