130302 Super Up Close – G-Dragon at Samsung Blue Day Festival – BIGBANG

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Cr: 小亦TOPever.
Close up fancam during ENCORE at Samsung Blue Day Festival in Nanjing! There go u GD stans!

* MichiGO 미치GO Michi GO ! 130330 130331*


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  1. Hmmm watching through the screen = totally fine , aww cute, omg that smile…good thing he can't see my reaction to this. If i would be the one in front of him = having a happy and slooow death inside, outside i could remake the frozen movie

  2. if it was me i would have the best poker face ever as i stare into his eyes and then just be casual as fuck like" So hyung, how about we go for a drink after this concert alright? and then when its time we shall see eachother in the army ok?"

  3. Luckyyy! What the heck! He keeps looking at you! If it was me i'll probably say that ILOVEHIM!!! it's a once in a life time opportunity! During their concert here in ph. It was so Amazing GD is so kind! Just waiting for them to comeback again!

  4. If I was that close , I would've froze in my steps like a block of ice. It would be an honor if I was that close , I would pass out!! :o!! ( OMG!!!!!!!!!!!) and done

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